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Oren Zarif Success Stories

Oren Zarif is a popular alternative therapist who has helped thousands of people. He uses a combination of techniques to treat a variety of diseases, including multiple sclerosis. He also helps patients recover from traumatic events. His treatment method focuses on the subconscious and retrains it to be a healing force.

Oren Zarif’s Pine Method

Oren Zarif has developed a unique treatment method that uses psychokinesis to rewire the brain, helping the body heal itself. His technique has been a great success for thousands of people, including doctors and professors. It has also been able to cure those with cardiovascular blockages and other serious diseases. Zarif’s technique involves opening blocked areas in the patient’s body, which are caused by their subconscious.

Oren has been able to help patients suffering from a range of ailments, including strokes and cancer. He has also helped people overcome emotional traumas. Many of these patients have returned to normal life after just a few treatments with Oren. He also offers personalized treatments to patients who are unable to visit his clinic in Israel. He uses a special system to send them personalized treatments with different enhancing energetic aids.

He believes that the human body is made of energy, and that illnesses are caused by blockages in this energy system. His Pine method focuses on entering the subconscious and reprogramming it to become a healing force. This technique has helped dozens of patients recover from traumatic experiences and severe injuries.

In addition to treating physical problems, Oren Zarif’s Pine method can help patients cope with emotional traumas and grief. He uses a combination of psychokinesis and energy pulses to help the brain release these emotions. This process is fast and painless, and patients report a significant improvement in their mental health after just one session.

The Pine method has helped countless patients, from doctors and professors to foreigners who have suffered from serious injuries. It is a safe and non-invasive method that has been independently tested and proven successful in thousands of cases.

Oren’s Pine method has been featured on all Israeli media channels, and he has received many heartfelt thanks from his patients. He is a true miracle worker, and his abilities have inspired many to seek alternative medicine. Those who have been treated by Oren claim that his work has restored their faith in the power of medicine. It is important to remember that his methods should not be considered a replacement for traditional medical treatment.

Oren Zarif’s 

Oren Zarif is a man who knows how to get to the subconscious mind of patients and bring them back to health. His unique method is non-invasive and has helped dozens of people heal from serious diseases. It works by sending a stream of powerful forces to the subconscious and opening blocked areas. Zarif has been featured in many media outlets and praised by doctors and scientists. He has also received countless letters of gratitude from patients who have been healed with his technique.

The treatment involves a photo of the patient and psychokinesis, which helps him send energy to the affected area. He uses a component that contains metals and other substances that store energy, and then he transmits these energies to the body through the photo. These pulses are transmitted at low frequencies, and they are based on the diagnosis of the patient. The treatment takes a few minutes, and it is usually enough to cure the disease.

Zarif believes that most diseases are caused by blocked energy field channels in the body. He claims that cellular radiation, electrical antennas, global climate change, pollution, stress, fear, and excessive thoughts can all cause these channels to constrict and lock. His treatment method is designed to unlock these channels so the body can create a healing process and restore strength.

In his clinic, Zarif uses a special ingredient called Brosmat liquid to open the blockages in the energy fields of the patients. He has developed the ingredient himself, and he prepares it for his patients worldwide. The liquid opens up the blocked areas, which allows the body to start a healing process. It also increases the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, which can help treat many illnesses.

He uses this method to cure a variety of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, paralysis, psoriasis, and high blood pressure. He has even treated children with autism, and he is known to have a very high success rate. He has appeared on several Israeli television and radio programs, and he has received letters of gratitude from his patients.

Oren Zarif’s Psychokinesis

For years, Oren Zarif has been helping countless patients recover from illnesses with his unique treatment method. His technique uses psychokinesis to manipulate the body’s energy field. 


ody, so the body can create its own healing process and return to full strength. He treats dozens of people every day at his clinic in Israel and also sends personalized treatments to patients abroad. Zarif’s patients include doctors and professors, as well as people suffering from serious diseases.

Oren believes that most diseases are caused by blocked energy channels in the body. He claims that cellular radiation, electrical antennas, global climate change, pollution, stress, fears, money problems, divorce, and other issues can cause these channels to constrict. By reprogramming the brain, his treatment method can unlock these channels and help the body heal itself.

Zarif’s technique involves sending energy pulses to the patient’s subconscious mind. These pulses activate the brain and open the blocked energy channels. They are transmitted wirelessly, and he has been able to use them to cure several different illnesses. The results have left many doctors and scientists amazed. His success has also garnered the attention of major media outlets in Israel.

At his clinic in Israel, Oren Zarif treats dozens of patients every day. He has cured cancer patients, disabled people, and people with cardiovascular obstructions. He has also been able to help people with mental disorders, including schizophrenia and phobias. Many of these patients have written letters to express their gratitude for the recovery they have experienced.

Oren has been able to heal many patients by using his technique of psychokinesis and reprogramming the brain. He has also been able to overcome many of the skeptics who have opposed his methods. He has even managed to beat severe skeptics at their own game. His technique has been tested and proven and is a safe alternative to traditional medicine. It is a holistic approach to health that promotes self-healing and encourages a healthy lifestyle. It is also a non-invasive process that can be performed at home.

Oren Zarif’s Energy Pulses

Thousands of people around the world are experiencing extraordinary results using a treatment method devised by Oren Zarif. The non-invasive, spiritual approach to healing claims that when energetic blocks are released, the body can heal itself. The method is based on a combination of psychokinesis and energy pulses. Zarif believes that most illnesses are caused by blocked energy fields. He says that cellular radiation, electrical antennas, global climate change, pollution and stress can cause these channels to constrict and lock. He aims to unlock these channels, so the body can create a self-healing process and restore strength.

Oren Zarif is a famous Israeli therapist who has been able to help patients recover from various ailments. He uses psychokinesis to open blocked energies and conveys a stream of forces toward the patient’s subconscious. This has allowed him to treat various diseases and injuries, including paralysis, blood vessels, spinal disc herniation and fibromyalgia. He has also treated psychological traumas, such as car accidents and the loss of a loved one.

Zarif has a clinic in Israel and treats dozens of patients every day. His Pine method combines psychokinesis with energy pulses and spectral emission. He has also developed a program that allows him to send personalized treatment to patients worldwide who cannot visit his clinic in Israel. This technique has left doctors and scientists amazed, and many patients have claimed that they are fully healed.

He claims that he is able to communicate with the soul of a patient, which is located in the center of the brain. He says that this allows him to reach the subconscious mind and retrain it to be a healing force. He has also been able to cure a number of diseases, including cancer and heart disease. He has also helped patients heal from traumatic experiences, such as car accidents and war injuries.

He has been praised by medical professionals and has appeared on all Israeli media channels. He has also met with celebrities, politicians, doctors, scientists and athletes. He has a strong belief in his work and is determined to prove that the power of the subconscious can heal any illness.

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General information about Oren Zarif:

  1. Oren Zarif has been treating people with psychokinesis for over 25 years. The treatment is not medical, Oren Zarif is not a doctor, he has no medical certification and Oren Zarif's treatment does not replace conventional medicine. The treatment method is not scientific, the results are individual from one person to the next and it is hereby clarified that the method does not guarantee treatment success.

  2. Oren Zarif explicitly informs his patients, prior to treatment, that the treatment does not replace conventional medicine in any event. Where a patient takes any medication or was given a recommendation by a doctor, he must continue the treatment and follow the instructions of the treating physician. Where patients choose to avoid conventional treatment, Oren Zarif will discontinue their treatment immediately, where he is made aware of the matter, and the customer shall not be entitled to any monetary refund in such case.

  3. Oren Zarif is an employee of Mind Power Ltd. and as such all customer contractual relations are with Mind Power Ltd. only and Oren Zarif is not personally liable to treatment success and/or contractual conduct with the customer and the customer, by approving the Website Terms of Use, clarifies and declares that he shall have no complaint and/or demand and/or suit against Oren Zarif and/or anyone on his behalf and he hereby waives, finally and irrevocably, all such claims and/or demands, if any, and where the customer fails to act upon this article, he agrees to remunerate Oren Zarif and/or anyone on his behalf for any damage and/or legal expense caused thereto.

  4. Some of the success stories from patients successfully treated by Oren Zarif, whose stories appear on the Website, date back to 1995 and thereafter. 

  5. Treatment is individual from one person to the next, thus it is impossible to commit to the final outcome. 

  6. The treatment is not medical and/or scientific, thus it is not quantifiable and/or comparable, as it is an energetic, spiritual treatment.  

  7. The aim of the treatment is to release the energetically blocked zones of the body in order to enable the body to develop a process of self-healing.

  8. There is no undertaking as to the number of treatments and treatment may be concluded in just one treatment.

  9. The cost of the initial treatment is presented to the customer by phone or in a meeting, and it does not include treatment aids, if necessary (treatment aids – vials, tinctures with crystals, minerals and magnets that undergo reinforcement by Oren Zarif to personally fit each customer base on his individual case).

  10. It is hereby clarified that the customer may not discontinue taking medication and/or cancel surgery and/or postpone any medical treatment required. Even where the customer feels a positive change following treatment with Oren Zarif and/or where the problem was solved after Oren Zarif's treatment, the customer must contact and update the doctor if he chooses to discontinue taking medication and/or reduce the dosage.

  11. Anything that Oren uses during the treatment is not intended for swallowing, application or touch and there is nothing invasive therein and the patient must not use the treatment aids in the said manner and where he does, he shall be doing so upon his personal responsibility only.

Bossmat Products 

  1. The Bossmat Formula helps many sick and suffering people around the world. It is an external treatment only. Oren Zarif concocts the Bossmat liquid for patients who are unable to fly to obtain treatment, and sends it to them directly anywhere around the world. The product is not intended for swallowing and/or ingestion and/or application and the product and/or vials should not be so used. If the customer uses it in such a manner, he shall be solely responsible and Mind Power Ltd. and/or Oren Zarif and/or anyone on their behalf shall be exempt of any liability in such cases.

  2. How does the method work? The Bossmat liquid contains crystals and special aids onto which Oren Zarif successfully project specific monochromatic energy frequencies that are absorbed within the mixture and minerals based on the bacterial mass of each substance. Through an endothermic process, the substances stimulate a metastable energetic state with a rechargeable lifetime generating energetic changes in the Bossmat user.

  3. The aim of the Bossmat treatment is to unblock locked zones in the body's energy field in order to create a healing process for the symptoms ailing the patient.

  4. For years, Oren Zarif has been claiming that when energetic blockages are released, the body begins a healing process and regains its strength. Thousands of patients testify to that, thus it is important to open up the blocked energetic fields in the body. It is only then that the body will be able to cope with existing problems and develop a self-healing process using the unique method that Oren Zarif developed throughout the years and his amazing capabilities. Oren Zarif has and continues to help countless sick and ailing people worldwide.

  5. It is important to note that the Bossmat is suitable for all kinds of general problems, without exception, seeing that it is a fluid based on an energetic preparation, including additional aids intended to unblock blocked areas of the body for the body to begin a self-healing process.

  6. The materials are intended for external use only and are not an alternative to conventional medicine. 

  7. It is important to note that even where the customer senses a significant improvement after treatment with Bossmat, he must not discontinue his regular medication, but rather consult with the treating physician in this regard.

  8. To order the material, you must specify all of the problems that ail you on the order form, your telephone number, e-mail and precise mailing address.

  9. The Bossmat vials will be delivered to your home with a messenger within 21 business days of the order.

  10. How to use the Bossmat vials? Upon ordering the Bossmat vials, you will be given a brochure with precise instructions on using the Bossmat liquid. Treatment is possible from the age of 5 and is unlimited by age.

  11. You can order the Bossmat liquid online – all you have to do is fill in the form, describe the problem and order the 3 Bossmat vials.

  12. it is important to note that the details are submitted to Oren Zarif to begin preparing the Bossmat only after placing the order and effecting payment. Immediately after receiving the Bossmat vials, several days after the treatment, you may contact Oren Zarif's personal assistant and report your condition. It is important to note that the office staff is multinational. 

Website Use:

  1. Use of the Website is conditioned upon acceptance of all terms, notices and restrictions set forth below. 

Use of the Website is considered your consent to all of the terms, notices and restrictions set forth in these Terms of Use (hereinafter: "the Terms of Use").

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  2. Customer service – For further details regarding the Website and its operations, directly contact the Website Operator at: or by phone: +972-3-6248586, or fax: __________

  3. Purchasing Jewelry: Sometimes, as part of Oren Zarif's treatment, customers are offered energetic jewelry, Kabalah jewelry, different kinds of energetic chains and accessories for treatment success. All such products are energetically reinforced by Oren Zarif, specially and personally suited to the customer after Oren Zarif was given all of the relevant information for the product to succeed in treating the customer. Therefore, once the customer ordered the products, the order cannot be canceled and no refund will be available.

  4. Product Delivery/Transport: Products ordered on the Website will be delivered within 21 business days. In case of a delay due to war/epidemic/extreme event, Mind Power Ltd. will update the customer thereof.

  5. Product warranty – It is hereby clarified that Oren Zarif specially concocts the products for a certain person, thus the transaction cannot be canceled and no monetary refund shall be offered after the product/vial was prepared by Oren Zarif, since the product cannot be kept on stock and/or transferred to other patients. 

  6. Identity authentication or requiring additional details. The Website Operator and/or anyone on its behalf may, at any time, demand additional details or references (such as ID card) regarding the user and/or holder of the credit card used for the order, including to confirm the identity and/or signature of the cardholder as a condition for supplying and/or handing over the product.

  7. Delay in Supply. The Website Operator and/or anyone on its behalf is not liable toward the customer for any delay of less than 14 business days of the date provided the customer regarding receipt of the product or service. The customer shall notify the Website Operator of a delay within a reasonable period and, in any event, no later than 48 hours after the supply date specified on the product sheet. Where the customer failed to notify the Website Operator of the delay in receiving the product within a reasonable time after the supply date specified in the product sale sheet, it shall be deemed as if the customer received the product.

  8. Credit card charge- Secure payment is available through the Website using PayPal or credit card. Anyone purchasing products using a credit card undertakes, under these Terms of Use, to use a credit card belonging to him/her only and when he is authorized to use in order to purchase products. Where the buyer is unauthorized to use the car or where the card does not belong to the user, he will remunerate the Website and Website Operator for any damage caused to the Website and/or its operator due to such illegal use, including legal expenses incurred to the Website and/or Website Operator. The Website clarifies that presenting a false pretense or using a credit card for which you are unauthorized is strictly prohibited and the Website and Website Operator will take all legal measures available to them to eradicate such actions.

  9. Customers who have agreed and consented to being photographed and reveal their treatment success stories on the Website and/or advertisements, may not request their removal from edited and completed video and/or WhatsApp clips as removal of an edited clip would lead to any editing changes and monetary expenses. Therefore, upon customer approval of these Terms of Use, he fully and absolutely waives any claim and/or demand on the matter, including claims related to privacy rights and/or creators' rights and the decision on such issues shall be exclusively that of the Website Operator. 

  10. Website content may not be copied and/or reproduced and/or photocopied. Inter alia and without derogating from the provisions of any law, the content appearing on the Website may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, advertised or otherwise used unless the Website Operator has consented thereto, in advance and in writing.

  11. The users are committed to fairly providing accurate and correct details. Without derogating from the generality of the above, it is hereby clarified that the provision of incorrect and/or false details comprises a criminal offense punishable by prison.

9A. Consumer Protection/Transaction Cancellation/Sale Cancellation/Failure to Deliver (Consumer Protection Law)

9.1 The customer may cancel an order only upon the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981 (hereinafter: "Consumer Protection Law") and the regulations therein.

9.2 Cancellation Notice Dates. For convenience only, following are the terms for order cancellation in a remote transaction. The decisive therms are the provisions of the law and regulations applying from time to time.

9.2.1 When purchasing an asset/product – Up to fourteen days after receiving the asset/product;

9.3 Transactions that cannot be canceled by the consumer. When purchasing certain products, the order cannot be canceled, including as set forth in Article 14C(D) of the Consumer Protection Law:

  1. Perishable goods; 

  2. Goods that can be recorded, transcribed or reproduced, whose original package the consumer opened.

9.4 Cancellation Fees. According to the Consumer Protection Law, the Website Operator my charge a cancellation fee in case of cancellation that is not derived of a flaw or inconsistency. The said fee shall total 5% of the purchased product price or 100 NIS, the lower thereof, if you chose to cancel the order for a reason other than product flaw or inconsistency.

9.6 Order Cancellation. An order may only be canceled upon contacting the Website Operator by e-mail to: and/or by phone: +972-3-6248586

  1. Disclaimer – Without derogating from any other provision, Website Operator responsibility and/or liability shall in any event be limited to proven and direct damages only and will not exceed the full consideration (100%) only where the Website Operator is the product or service supplier.

  2. Any customer who orders a product through the Website and/or Mind Power Ltd. acknowledges and agrees by force of these Terms of Use that there is no guarantee to treatment success and Mind Power Ltd. and/or Oren Zarif clarify that preparation of the Bossmat vial and use of the Bossmat vial do not guarantee treatment success and there are instances in which treatment will not succeed and the customer hereby declares that he is aware of such chances and he shall have no demand and/or claim and/or complaint regarding treatment failure, where it does not succeed and by reading this Website, they irrevocably consent thereto. 

  3. Transaction cancellation comprises exhaustive and absolute relief. The sole and exclusive relief available to the user in case a fundamental violation of any engagement to order a product or service shall be order cancellation and the user shall have no claims and/or demands and/or other suits against the Website Operator and/or anyone on its behalf, all subject to the exclusive discretion of the Website Operator.

  4. Absence of liability in case of a clear error. An unusual and/or clear scribal error in the description of any product on the Website, i.e. where the price is set in agorot and not NIS, shall not be binding of the Website Operator. The product photos on the Website are intended for illustration purposes only and there may be differences between the photos appearing on the Website, fully or partially, and products actually sold and/or supplied to the customer and the customer shall have no claims and/or demands in this regard. 

  5. It is hereby clarified that not all people appearing in photos with Oren Zarif on the Website were patients thereof and some of the photos in which Oren Zarif met with celebrities, government ministers, Knesset members, etc. are due to his success and being awarded various certificates and they are not patients of Oren Zarif and one must not conclude anything that this not specifically noted on the Website.

  6. Absolute lack of liability regarding Website operation: Without derogating from the generality of the above, the service and/or products on the Website are offered at no pretense and the product and/or service is granted As Is, thus the user shall have no claim, demand or suit toward the Website Operator and/or supplier regarding product features, characteristics, limits or suitability to user needs and demands.

  7. Consent to receive advertising. Upon submitting user details, including enrollment to the Website and/or disclosing an e-mail address and/or executing an order, the user consents and permits the Website Operator to send him/her notices by any means of communication regarding Website activities, including product purchase offers or special offers and/or promotional mailing of any kind and/or service and/or other notices to customers. 

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  10. The Website may from time to time alter the structure, appearance, scope and availability of the services provided on the Website, as well as any other aspect thereof – all with no need to notify you in advance. Such changes shall be introduced, inter alia, according to the dynamic nature of the internet and technological and other changes taking place therein.

By nature, such changes might involve faults or initially cause inconvenience, etc. You shall have no claim, suit and/or demand toward the Website and/or its manager and/or employees for any such changes and/or flaws derived thereof.

  1. The Website shall not be responsible for any damage, inconvenience, loss, pain and suffering and such results, direct or indirect, caused to you, your property or any third party due to use of this Website. The Website shall not bear any responsibility for the commercial information appearing on the Website. In order to remove all doubt, it is hereby clarified and agreed that posting ads and any commercial information on the Website shall not be construed as an offer to use, an endorsement, encouragement, consent or sponsorship by the Website, explicit or implicit, regarding the content and/or services proposed by others and any user reliance on content, information, ads, products, opinions and perspectives presented or posted on websites to which there are links herein, including information, content, opinions and perspectives presented or posted thereof is the responsibility of the user only upon his sole discretion.

  2. Any transaction effected through an ad or information appearing on the Website or a link to a third party website, does not include the Website Operator as a party to the transaction and will be directly concluded between the user and the relevant advertiser. The Website is not a party to any such transaction and the Website shall not bear responsibility for services and products offered in ads posted on the Website or sites that you you reached and purchases executed pursuant to such ads.

  3. The Website may discontinue the provision of the services at any time, fully or partially, and even close the Website. Where possible, prior notice of Website discontinuation will be provided within the Website itself. The Website is not obligated to notify the customers of termination of Website operations in person, whether by e-mail or in any other manner 

  4. The Website does not undertake that the service will not be interrupted, will be provided continuously and without interruptions, will operate securely and without errors and will be safe against unauthorized access to Website computers or damages, flaws and defects (including hardware, software or Website communication lines).

  5. You shall indemnify the Website, its employees, managers or anyone on their behalf for any damage, loss, lost profit, payment or expense caused thereto – including attorney retainer fees and legal fees – due to the violation of these Terms of Use. In addition, you shall remunerate the Website, its employees, managers or anyone on their behalf for any claim, suit and/or demand against them by any factor due to incorrect information that you disclosed or actions performed in contravention of these Terms of Use.

  6. Use of the Website does not include any technical support. The Website will try to answer your questions on technical issues, sent by e-mail only, but it does not undertake to do so.

  7. The Website may alter these Terms of Use from time to time, without issuing advance notice thereof. Be sure to check this page often. The Website will publish the new terms on this page and they shall be valid immediately upon publication.

  8. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Israel only.

  9. Exclusive jurisdiction for any matter derived of this agreement and/or sue of the Website and/or purchase of products and/or treatments from Mind Power Ltd. is granted to the competent courts in Tel Aviv only.

  10. The content of these Terms of Use appears in masculine form for convenience purposes only, but equally relates to both sexes. 

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